At work

Yes, I enjoy my self here in Guatemala. Yes, the sun is shining some of the days, making me drink water as never before. But other days it will be rainy and those days I'm really happy to have my dear dear hoodie. And no, it's not just lazy days, I started to do my first interviews allready last week.

A workday for me right now is:
Wake up (not to early though, I need even more sleep here than in Sweden...).
Rosa makes me breakfast (eggs, beans and tortilla with sugar-coffee, but you allready know that).
I go down to the plaza (I'll soon publish a picture, it looks like a giant church, with McDonalds just outside the entrance).
From there I take a micro (the one where the boy leans out through the window shouting: tactictactictactiiiiic, you know...), about forty minutes ride.
In Tactic I go visit Alfonso, the best spanish-teacher ever, and my guide through the Guatemalan society and culture. He's also the one introducing me to all my informants, the single-mothers.
Then I go out, to visit one or two women. I bring my pen and paper and recorder and I never know for how long I'll be there.
After the interviews I take another micro back (this time: cobancobancobaaaaaan...).
Rosa serves lunch (something with tortilla, probably pasta and some rice as you know by now)
I might have to run some errands in town trying to think about something else than my fieldwork.
Back at home I sit down by my computer to try to sum up all the new things I've got to know during my interviews.
Rosa serves dinner (well... you know what)
Some more time to work and then time to sleep.

Today I had an interview with a 28 year old woman with three kids. Yesterday I talked to a 22 year old woman who's got a four year old son. When I came home today I was almost boiling. THOSE MEN!!! I was first aiming to dedicate this text to the phenomena machismo. But no, not today. I'm still to upset to write about the way of the men. I want to be able to sleep tonight and not upset my self to much now when I just managed to calm my self down. But I'll tell you all about it. Another day.


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