On my way...

It's not really time to leave Sweden yet, I still have one night left at my parent's place before I start to travel. But I allready packed my bags, for once I didn't do it five minutes before departure...

I've been trying to prepare my self for what I will meet in Guatemala. Friends there will get me at the airport when I arrive late at night and I do allready have a wonderful family to stay with up in the Highlands. But I will meet a new world I'm sure. To get to know women, some will probably be younger than me, allready mothers and with no man to support them. Single mothers depending on their family, or frineds, or work at times when the children sleep, or even childlabour.

They say that Guatemala has become more and more insecure, especially the latest six months. A good friend of mine, who's soon going to Guatemala her self as peace observer, told me some people are even afraid of a new civil war breaking out.

But I'm not to worried about those things. I trust in the Swedish embassy, I trust in people. I might still have a bit blue colour in my eye, but I just don't want to stop trusting in people. What do I have left if I don't have any trust? No, what I worry about is for me not being able to handle what I see and what I meet. I worry about me getting to involved or maybe even worse, not involved at all.

I'm really looking forward to going now. Feels like I can't do nothing more here than wait. And Guatemala IS a beautiful country! I hope to be able to show that to you through this page as well. The beautiful country with landscapes reminding of a fairytale and with people and a culture of art that just makes you happy!

Postat av: Felix

Jonna! Well, for what it's worth, I trust in your ability to handle the many experiences you will encounter in the upcoming weeks - whether these experiences are good, less good, carefree, challenging, less involved, more involved, or utterly beautiful. And when you come home, you'll be better for it all.

Take care and safe travels. I look forwarding to hearing about your continued adventures.



2009-03-11 @ 01:06:20
URL: http://dingobear.blogspot.com
Postat av: Leo

I wish all the best in Guatemala!

Enjoy every moment, stay safe and keep us posted! =)

Good to feel that you are closer again!

Stor kram!

2009-03-11 @ 01:42:09
Postat av: Katarina

Hej vännen! Kul att läsa vad du har för dig! Nu är det inte så långt tills jag kommer ner, men det har blivit ändrat i datumen. Nu är vi tydligen lediga den 11e istället så jag hoppas vi ses då!

Puss o Kram

2009-03-16 @ 20:23:27

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