the United States of America

Isn't it just a wonderful country? Or really, I know both wonderful people and places in the US but the security-hype just takes the price! Maybe I should start with telling you all that I yesterday night, after about 24 hrs of travelling, arrived safely to Guatemala City and had a whole female committee waiting for me at the airport. Now I've been sleeping as if I was stoned the whole night and feel very happy to finally be here!

But sorry, the US... I had to change flight twice there yesterday and they just surprise me every time! Allready at the check-in disc in Stockholm they started to ask us all a lot of questions about EVERYTHING. The security guy wanted to know how much electronics I brought with me, for how long I had owned them, who had used them since I bought them, where I've been staying, even where and when I bought my old backpack (they didn't ask about the other, not so "backpackish" bag though...). I'm surprised the guy didn't ask me about what I had for breakfast and why... And then we have all those security controlls, like five of them or something (ok, not really, I'm just a bit embittered), on the way to the gate. And when you FINALLY get to the gate, they've got another security control there as well, asking you where your bag has been since you checked in, if you bought something new on the way or accepted any gift from someone at the airport... Phu...

And then, sorry, we have the discrimination part that just makes me SOOOO frustrated. There was this girl in front of me in the line to the check-in who obviously said goodbye to her boyfriend for a while and she was crying a bit. She was Canadian, but also with an American citicenship and looked just like me (ok, almost...). Her boyfriend, who actually was her husband, was from Libya. So, when the security guy had asked her the usual twenty questions he started to ask her personal questions about her husband, about how they met, where, why in Sweden and so on. After that they took her to another room to search her bags completely, they even went through her bag of used underwear. Finally she as well got to the gate, and hepp! What do you think happened? They searched her whole bag AGAIN! Hers, and thse of a couple of other people with darker skin...

Anyway, this blog is going to be about Guatemala, nothing else. Here, on the contrary, there's no security at all... And when we landed at the airport I happend to have a window seat. They guys working at the airport in Guatemala are not as old as in the US. I would say the youngest one taking care of our luggage wasn't older than ten years. How are their backs doing when their 25?

Anyway, I got here, my bags got here. Now I'm having some lazy days with some nice girls here in Guatemala City before I head up to Coban to try to start my project. And Juan, I can't promise to be totally objective in this blog, that's not my aim. But I will describe what I experience, and how I see it, and I really apreciate all of you commenting (under "kommentarer") what I write and start a discussion if you want to. That'll just be developing for me!

Ok, now it's breakfast time with Itza and Margarita. Hasta Luego!

Me and my sisters in Guatemala City, Itza and Margarita.


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