Summer's here. When I first arrived it was cold and rainy, I had to sleep with dubble blankets and I sometimes even wore my hoodie after sunset. But one day the summer decided to arrive. So now it's realy hot! I haven't seen a cloud for a week now and the sun is very strong. Since Cobán is situated almost 1500 meters above sea level you notice the difference the sun makes pretty fast.

But don't worry mum, I wear long pants (With a skirt climbing over people in a crowded micro? Don't think so...), shoes (In my beloved flipflops I wouldn't be able to walk far enough.), t-shirt (Sometimes even a longsleeved shirt. Would never even think about walking around in just a top showing my shoulders though, what would people SAY?!) and my hat (Actually mostly to protect my eyes).

But now I've found my oasis. My own sundeck! Parts of the third floor in our house is an open roof. That's where I go when I need some new energy. Isn't it just amazing what a difference some sun can do? Again I'm the strange foreigner sitting in the sun when everyone else preferes to stay in the shadow. How can I ever explain to them what it is like living in a land of darkness and winter half the year? How can they ever understand what happens to the Swedes when they get some sun? This strange change of personality we notice every year when the sun starts to heaten up our could Swedish souls? How will they ever understand it here, in the land of "eternal spring"?

Postat av: Leo

Hello my dear!

I guess I am also learning some history while reading about your adventure in Guatemala.

I totally undestand you when you talk about the sun, even if I am not swede.. maybe deep in my soul I am and that is why the sun brings me so much energy!

Don't forget to use sunscreen othewise you will be more tanned than I am! =)

Take care!

2009-04-05 @ 19:54:23
Postat av: Nikola

Hej Jonna,

som vanligt, det var ett nöje att läsa dina poster. Speciellt den om historien i Guatemala. Fint exampel för USAs politik. Utnyytja de fatiga, så låter det.

Här i Belgrade är det också soligt. Jag har varit ute över hela helgen, känns det som. Solen är underbart!

Viva Solen!!!




2009-04-05 @ 22:19:15

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