the Stork...

Where to park for the Stork...

Somehow I just got so happy when I found this on the parking lot outside the mall close to where I live, and I just felt like sharing it with you. In Sweden we have normal parking lots and those marked with a man in a wheelchair, where you have to have a handicap AND a speial permit to be allowed to park. I think I recall seing some parking lots marked with a small family where obviously families (with "familiy cars" in North American SUV-size) are alloud to park. But this is definitely something new! It even says "parking for the stork". The question is just why the stork would want to park here? Is this the place he's supposed to leave the baby at? Is this where the baby get "delivered"? Help me out here!!! Makes me a bit confused, but mostly happy!

Postat av: Felix

Wow, Jonna, I think this proves where babies come from! (Apparently, a parking lot in Guatemala :)

2009-04-21 @ 08:27:24
Postat av: amadelacasa

Huvudet pà spiken Felix!

2009-04-22 @ 00:49:00
Postat av: Anonym

I don't know where this comes from...

And regarding the surnames, here in Brazil we also have mother's name and father's name and usually the mother's name come first and father's name comes last but we can also use just the last name.

Since we have a lot of diversity it doesn't really affect people like in Guatemala...

2009-04-23 @ 15:55:31

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