New old memories

I've been out walking today. In the afternoon since it was raining like crazy the whole morning. It's still just great to be here! But when I walked the streets in the centre so many memories came back to me again. I went back to the tourist information where they still remember all the extranjeras by name, well almost. And I went to the hostel/restaurant/touristshop/tourist office where they have the best postres in town (chocolate cake for example;)) and they're always as friendly. But a lot of other memories came back to me as well, just like when I went here with bus the other day. I'll give you a list again.

# Streetdogs. I met a couple of them today. I like animals in general, but I just can't like those dogs. I guess it's because of all the stories about them, because of the aggressivity and the diseases they carry around. But the streetdogs of Cobán actually seemed nice today.
# Men in the streets. I remember how one sometimes couldn't even walk ten meters without getting tired of them whisteling and shouting after you. But during one hour I think I just got the "I love you"s, the "hello"s and the "goodbye"s thrown after me like seven times. Maybe they're not as machistas in Cobán anymore. Or maybe they're more used to extranjeras now. Or maybe it's been raining to much for the men to stay out. Or maybe I just don't hear it anymore...
# Internetcafés. They're everywhere now. Even in my neighbourhood! Times of globalization.
# Paca, ropa americana. Packages of clothes sent from the states, new ones and 2 hand. Sold very cheap in small tiendas. My "brother" bought a t-shirt today, american eagle, for ten quetzales, more or less one dollar. Like new!
# Shop assistants. They're so many!!! Sometimes the shops are even to small to make space for everyone working there. But they're always very nice and smiling.
# The market. Those smells. Those colors. All this movement. It's something special for sure!
# Sidewalks. Sometimes exists, sometimes not. Normally they're not intact and there are many dangerous holes where you can hurt yourself if you're not careful...
# Trafic. It's just crazy. And smoggy.
# Shoeshine boys, children selling fruit, children selling nuts. Children working all day. This a part I don't like, but can't change either. All I can do is to talk to them. And maybe buy some nuts.
# Machetes and big guns. The man in the sidewalk, the guard ouside the bank. There are a lot of weapons around.
# Churches. They are many. Some of them just in small houses in the middle of the city. Playing livemusic with the doors open to be able to share their missin to as many as possible.
# And the food! Oh my, I'm gonna get fat! Almost three weeks with tortillas, beans, rice, pasta, eggs and potatoes. Beach 2009 here I come!

This is my breakfast. Beans and fried tortillas with egg. So good! And for dinner we had a soup of beans and fried tortillas;)
My breakfast. Beans and fried tortilla with egg. So good! And coffee of course with heaps of sugar. And for dinner we had soup with beans and fried tortilla;)


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