Today I bought my self a jump rope. It's red and blue striped and it has got very nice handles of wood. You might ask WHY I would go buy a jump rope when I'm in Guatemala. Well, to do some daily jumping I would say. The fact is that I haven't really used such a thing for many years now. But I recall it to be quite joyfull (memories from my childhood) and if I'd ask my brother I guess he still has got one or two for work out.

Trying to give you the whole picture: I'm in Guatemala. For breakfast I eat beans, eggs and tortilla. For lunch I get pasta or rice. For dinner I eat rice, sometimes beans, and tortilla. Sometimes I get a potato as well. All those carbohydrates in combination with me sitting by the computer writing or sitting down reading (yes I actually study a lot here...) makes me feel very restless. So, go out running you might say. Well, the problem is, I'm still in Guatemala. In a city where you wouldn't want to spend to much time in the center because of all the traffic and pollution. I try not to walk to the center more than once a day either, actually because I get tired of being the centre of attraction, always having people stairing at me, shouting after me. And I allready walk faster than everyone else here, even if I'm trying to do my SLOW WALK! So how would it look like if I came running down the street? Nope.

If I was in Sweden I would go out walking or running in the woods, or maybe in a park. But I'm still in Guatemala. You just don't go where there are no people. And you don't go to the bad areas, in the outskirts of the city either. So where do I go? Well I stay in my house. Jumping. My brothers here laughed at me when I told them I bought a rope for jumping. I'm a strange one however I do. But it's gonna be nice, I like my rope. So wish me luck! ;)

(O tack Sarah, min källa till alternativt tänkande! =))

Postat av: Sarah

Va kul att du blev inspirerad och främst att du hittade ett rep, med tanke på utseendet så antar jag att det var i leksaksaffären :). Hoppa lugnt!


2009-03-24 @ 16:34:33

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