Preparing a new trip, a new kind of trip

Time to leave again. This time I will go back to the land of chocolatl and ik. To the land of beautiful landscapes and facinating culture. To the land of discriminated indigenous people and single mothers, las amas de casa. I will go back to Guatemala, to the highlands of Alta Verapaz, to write my thesis in Sociology. I will stay there for ten weeks trying to understand the life of the single mothers. Come travel with me and help me understand the world of caring mothers, absent fathers and a society of machismo. I will probably need you there!

Postat av: Juanito

Fine, I will follow you in your trip, and advice you if you need... Just do me two favors: 1. I reckon Guatemala is not precisely the best example of an equality based society, there is big discrimination and sexism. But may we hear(read) an objective point of view, and not with a tendency to defend one side or the other. For I know, not all Indigenous are segregated, and some actions they take are way worse than racism, and for I also know that not all women live in vicarious situations. I trust you to keep us informed of what is happening, and not of what should be happening. and 2. Bring me a carton of cigarettes from the airport, would you? They are only 10 dollars, and I will pay you back here. Take care and enjoy your trip...

2009-03-11 @ 00:19:55
Postat av: ANGEL


Going again to the tropic lands!

I send you tons of love & light for your time there! I hope you understand the "amas de casa" way of life, I can tell you that the women here in latinamerica are "unknow heroes" happy that you are written about their lifes... Take care, puss och kram

2009-03-11 @ 15:17:36

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