Lago Atitlán

I'm back! Back in Cobán and back to my computer... I've had one week of wonderful vacations, well spent. I started up with a birthday party in the capital (about four hours in the children's part of Pizza Hut...). Followed by a shorter stop in Antigua to meet up with some wonderful friends, and thereafter with chickenbus to my favourite spot in this country, Lago Atitlán.

Lago Atitlán, or Lake Atitlan in English, is a beautiful place in many ways. First of all it's situated on about 1500 meters above sea level and surrounded by volcanos. The history of the lake is interesting in itself since it was shaped after an volcanic eruption about 84,000 years ago. They say that the eruption was so strong it sent ashes all the way to the United States and to Panama... The lake is also surrounded by different Mayan villages, some more turistic than others, and there is a lot of culture and old traditions preserved. But, for me, Lago Atitlán is also a beutiful spot in Guatemala because of it's quietness. You can actually go here to listen to the nature, to look at the calm waters and enjoy the ravishing view of the volcanoes.

It's been great to have time for some tourism, to be able to relax, enjoy, meet friends and just to be. But at the same time it's hard. As one of my best friends said (she's now here for one year working as a peace observer): "It's hard to be a tourist here among all those people that I normally work with." Because the poverty, the inequality and most of all, our own power and powerlessness might get even more clear in a small touristic town. And all we can do is to be friendly to the people we meet. Maybe give the begger a coin or two, maybe buy a bracelet from the small Mayan woman, but we can't change the reality here and we have to learn how to live our lives in those strange parallell worlds.

But I had a great time, really did! Thanks Katta, Esteban, Lisa and Elin for joining me! It would be so nice if we could do it all over again! And now I really feel that I could start to prepare my self to go back home again. To face a new/old reality and to start processing all the things I've learned here. Just one week left now to finnish it all up!

Now, just sit back and enjoy some photos...

Lisa and Elin. On our way to the lake in the 2nd chickenbus (Elin just discovered she got robbed on the first bus, wallet and creditcard gone...)

Esteban and me, just realizing the Guatemalan busses are NOT made for tall people (I mean, taller than me...).

The centre of Sololá 20 minutes from the lake. You'll hopefully be able to see the beautiful pants and skirts (!) the men wear...

The Lake.

Colours by the lake. In a few hours there will be vendors here, trying to sell their handycraft to bypassing tourists.

Lakeview. In the early morning, before boats and turists arrive.

Katta and one of all street dogs enjoying the morning sun.

And so did I.

Postat av: Mamma

Åååå Jonna! Det är så intressant och spännande att få följa dig på dina resor. (Och nervöst för dina Päron...) Fina bilder på fina vänner och vyer. Skönt att du kunde unna dig en veckas semester, för när du kommer hem lär det bli en hel del jobb. Vi längtar efter dig och hoppas du blir hemma ett bra tag innan det är dax för en ny resa!

Många Kramar & Tankar från oss på Plommonvägen / Mamma

2009-05-14 @ 23:37:53
Postat av: Felix

The volcano lake: beautiful. Enjoy your last week in Guatemala and see you soon!

2009-05-15 @ 09:56:57
Postat av: Leo

Funny that we had that conversation about changing the world and I just read your post now.. and I know I should be sleeping.. I am going to! =)

2009-05-16 @ 05:20:11
Postat av: resume services

What gorgeous coast view. The water is so clean.

2011-11-04 @ 17:31:55

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