So, I guess I've started the real countdown for my last days here in Cobán and Guatemala. Today was my last Sunday here (at least for this year...) and I've had a great day! I've been eating cake, laughing a lot and I also had time to listen to a liveband in the shopping mall (you know the German mall looking like a big church...). Since Rosa, la ama de mi casa, and probably my best friend here, has her only day "off" (still preparing three meals...) on Sundays we had to use it well!

It somehow feels very strange to leave Guatemala again, third time leaving now not knowing if I'll ever come back. And I'm very bad at goodbyes, I prefer saying "See you again!". And I hope I will, but I can't be sure. And this time I will leave some really good friends here, friends that will never have an opportunity to visit me like I've been visiting them. But I'm so greatful for all the beautiful people that I have got to know here, and I know they've all changed me a bit, hopefully for the better ;)

Da gang! Maria, Rosa, Hector and Gudelia. All up for some cake!

Maria, the youngest sister (out of seven).


Hector, the youngest out of fourteen siblings, enjoying his "tres leches".


Me, about to get high on sugar...


Querida Rosa, gonna miss you so much!

Felix, look! No hands! I know it's not heavy, but at least I'm carrying SOMETHING on my head... In Guatemala.

Postat av: Nikola

Hej Jonna,

jag har varit lite upptagen på sistone så jag missade lite din blogg men nu har jag sett och läst allt.

Min kommentar: Vilka fina bilder du har gjort!!! Det verkar som om du har verkligen träffat många fina människor och sett väldigt fina grejer i Guatemala. Gratis! Ha det kul resten av tiden och ha en trevlig resa hem.

Hälsningar från Sverige :)))

P.S. Ja, jag är i Sverige just nu på en liten 7-dagars semester. Sedan sticker jag till svenska företagets huvudkontoret en vecka till och sedan blir det Serbien igen.

2009-05-18 @ 09:49:56
Postat av: Felix

Hahaha, that is a GREAT picture. It's not easy balancing a bottle of Lipton Peach Iced Tea (mmm, peach) on the top of your head - I am very impressed!

PS- that looked like some good cake.

2009-05-19 @ 18:23:48
Postat av: cv services

Erh... it is hot there. Too much. I wouldn't go there.

2011-11-04 @ 17:31:04

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